Bypass authorized accounts itunes

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"I`m looking for a way to bypass the surveys but almost every video. "
Assistance with iTunes authorizations? I put a lot of iTunes music on my iPod, but my friends i cannot play a lot of songs because it has put on 5 computers so im not . .
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I want to Bypass authorized accounts itunes keep my iTunes v4.6 but when I try to authorize my Mac to play music I purchased on another mac, I am taken to the music store and am being told to upgrade .
Best Answer: once you reach your 6th authorised machine you should be able to logint your itune store account.. click account enter your password then return and wait .
ITunes Mac :: Home Sharing Creates Empty Home Sharing Library? ITunes Mac :: Home Sharing But Can't Edit Main Library? ITunes Mac :: Home Sharing Vs Library Sharing?
Factory unlocked phones-itunes store iPhone 4. I am in manila for the next year and contemplating trading in this piece of garbage Blackberry for a factory unlocked .
Backed up my husbands iPhone 4 3 times to be sure all info was saved on itunes 10.5. Updated it to ios5 and it restored and synced it with itunes automatically.
iTunes 8.2.1: The fight continues Apple has released iTunes 8.2.1 to the masses. The biggest 'fix' in this update is the breaking of

Bypass authorized accounts itunes

the Palm Pre syncing.
I'm getting rid of one of my computers and iTunes
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